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The True Intrepid

Benjamin Deforest 'Pat' Bayly

The 'unknown genius' from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

Pat Bayly's childhood home in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.


Bayly talks about his activities, what he and the Stephenson organization accomplished and were in charge of  - and recalls his friendships with Gordon Welshman and Allan (portrayed in The Imitation Game) Turing in The True Intrepid  - Chapter 19.

The late Pat Bayly where he retired in Solano Beach in southern California


Decades after his death, the first Mayor of Ajax, Ontario-could finally be getting some recognition - in Southern Ontario:

BSC Employees

Former Stephenson inner office secretaries Eleanor Fleming and Patsey Sullivan at Jones Beach, New York


Eleanor Fleming and Patsey Sullivan a few years later in Victoria, British Columbia


From left to right: Dorthy Cutler, Wynn Woodcock, Jean Martin, Mayo Lyall and June Welsh in Toronto


June Welsh (left) and Wynn Woodcock (right)  and the author

Scan4 (2).jpg

From left to right: former WWII Stephenson employees Janet Fitzgerald, Gwen Rollaston, June Welsh and Charmain Manchee near Toronto.

(With the author at a #401 HYW  Chapters book store)


Betty Good and Charmain Manchee in New York.


Elizabeth Richardson, sitting middle, one of the few Britons at BSC. (Patsey Sullivan on the floor photo)

Charmain Vaughn Manchee


Georgie McCance

Marion deChastelain

Marion deChastelain was BSC's 'handler' of Amy Elisabeth Thorpe, AKA  Betty Pack - and when Betty worked for Stephenson's group -  her code name became 'Cynthia.'


The late deChastelain speaks about her work and her relationship with Cynthia, for the only time - in The True Intrepid, Chapter 13.

(By the way -The book - The Last Goodnight by Harold Blum doesn't mention Marion deChatelain at all or the book The True Intrepid. The picture of 'William Stephenson' on page 214 of that book is of someone else)


A few former BSC unknown agents pictured in New York during WW ll.


Bayly: "There's one thing I'd like to say. The females of BSC kept their mouths  shut better than any group I have known anywhere. They were first class. We never had a breach of security right through the whole blooming war... I have the greatest regard for the personnel we had there in New York...The people who did the recruiting for us in Canada were pretty good."

'The True Intrepid', p. 325

{Maybe you know people in this picture - Unfortunately I only can place a few}.

Molly Phair from Winnipeg - second from right,  dealt with Japanese KANA code. The BSC woman on the left, unfortunately, for now, is still nameless - let alone those guys in the kilts

There is now a musical based on the secret world of female spies inspired by Stephenson's group

Many BSC employees stayed at the Beekman

The Stephenson Family Grave At Brookside Cemetery in Winnipeg

Vigfus - Stepheson's step father

"I really don't know what happened, with Bill, when he disappeared..."

Bina Ingimundson (1904-2004), Stephenson's cousin

Kristin - Stephenson's step mother

Juliana - Stephenson's stepsister

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