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Intrepid's Last Secrets - Then and Now 

"Intrepid’s Last Secrets is an unsettling and eye-opening read; a dense, meticulously-documented work which backs up its findings. And as disturbing and incredible as the premise seems- a shadowy cabal of amoral puppet-masters exerting its influence even today – anyone with a sense of current events will recognize the truth when they hear it. The dots that Macdonald so diligently connects are like breadcrumbs emerging from the shadowy forest of history and leading to the very doorstep of the world around us."

"...While The True Intrepid was about looking for the truth of Stephenson himself, Intrepids' Last Secrets  is more about providing context to the world around the man and how it shaped his actions.

 If The True Intrepid explored the 'what' and 'how' of Stephenson, this manuscript explores the 'why' of the man..."

...what a great thrill is was to see this manuscript...I have to admit it left my head reeling at times as I tried to process the enormity of the picture you brought into focus.

...what you have accomplished here is nothing short of remarkable."

From Editor 1, Warren

"What a massive and impressive achievement this is...

.I've had an educating, disillusioning, heartbreaking and utterly fascinating read. Despite its erudition and the meticulous research supporting every assertion or suggestion, the book never seems dry...because its honest outrage sets it all afire.

You can rest assured your thesis is very well proved...Your book is deeply unsettling.

Well done.

...everything is solidly implanted and impeccably crafted...

Bill. I can't congratulate you on this enough...It was a monumental undertaking, admirably achieved.

From Editor 2, Rhonda

"Macdonald’s study is not only rigorously researched but also conveyed in cinematic terms—and as a result, even unconvinced readers will find themselves riveted."

Kirkus Reviews


"To Bill Macdonald: The man whose book (research) made me understand "power"more than all other reading that I have done." 

James Meredith,

US Civil Rights icon

The True Intrepid


From the preface:

This book retraces the life of World War II spymaster William Stephenson and the organization he created, British Security Coordination (BSC). Yet it didn't start out that way and its course was predicated by a number of twists, some unique to the world of espionage.

Stephenson, known widely as the man called Intrepid, died in Bermuda on January 31, 1989. His war efforts were celebrated in his lifetime in two major books, but subsequently some observers questioned certain aspects of his career and others attempted to discredit his reputation or reduce his role in history. He died relatively forgotten. Stephenson's obituaries said he was a Canadian, born in Winnipeg in 1896, a graduate of Argyle High School, and the son of a lumber mill owner. An interesting life come to a close. Rest in peace.

However, there were no lumber mill owners named Stephenson in Winnipeg at the turn of the century. No one with his parents names lived in the city then. Manitoba Vital Statistics has no record of the spy chief's birth. There was no Argyle High School. So began the difficult task of trying to learn about the life of William Stephenson...

"...a budding expert in the art of espionage."​

Svetlana Gouzenko

"Breathtaking discoveries... Fascinating... remarkably fresh, challenging and quite persuasive."

From the foreword by

Thomas F. Troy

Former staff historian

Central Intelligence Agency

"I'm appreciative of what you've done. You've done a first class job of research. And I believe in you"​

Benjamin deforest (Pat) Bayly

William Stephenson's WWII Second in Command before the publication of the True Intrepid

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