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Intrepid's Last Secrets

To learn more about these people - get the book

William (Bill)  Stephenson in New York where he and his American wife Mary lived for a time after World War II.


Lord Lothian, (Philip Kerr) the British Ambassador to the US in 1940 when Stephenson arrived in Manhattan. (Read Last Secrets to learn more about him.)


American historian Carroll Quigley wrote about largely unrecorded history in two of his books.  Tragedy and Hope and The Anglo- American Establishment.


Former Canadian Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King. Thought there was a covert 'savant group' he was somewhat wary of.


J.W. Dafoe, the editor of the Winnipeg Free Press.

In 1949, Quigley wrote that Dafoe's Free Press was one paper that "frequently shown knowledge of the existence of the Milner Group." Intrepid's Last Secrets p. 77


Sir William Wiseman

Wiseman wanted  Bill Stephenson's job in WW2. He didn't get it.

Allan Nunn May

Smuggled nuclear secrets to the Soviet Union. It's been said - it wasn't really treachery -  world discoveries should be shared with the world.


Igor Gouzenko

He brought information about Soviet spying on the West -when he and his wife decided they would like to stay in Canada. It's regarded as the start of 'The Cold War".

The last interview with Svetlana Gouzenko,

his wife, is in Intrepid's Last Secrets.p265


Grave site of Igor Gouzenko

"Gouzenko himself did not expect to survive more than five years. In fact when he died in 1982, it was of natural causes. But the Kremlin never forgave his his defection. The last know 'sleeper' (agent) sent to assassinate him was activated after nearly twenty years. -he gave himself up instead to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police - Intrepid's Last Secrets page 284

American General Smedley Butler.


Stopped an American coup in the 1930's. Played by Robert DeNiro in the 2022 film "Amsterdam".

If you would like to learn more - Butler It's in Intrepid's Last Secrets starting at p.171

Movie poster, 2022

Still from the film "Amsterdam"

A visit from Washington

From left: the author, the late staff historian of the CIA Tom Troy and Washington lawyer Jonathan Cuneo at the Fort Garry Hotel in Winnipeg. Cuneo's father Ernest Cuneo was a liaison between Bill Stephenson and Franklin Roosevelt during World War II. His Mom, Margret Watson, a Winnipegger, worked for Stephenson and met his Dad during the war.(John and I don't look that fat in real life - not that it really matters, I guess - in the big scale of things)

Jonathan Cuneo has passed away.

Washington Post

Vineyard Gazette


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