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The True Intrepid

"The truth has finally come out about Sir William Stephenson. His reputation has suffered for a long time in silence."

The late Robert Stuart, Stephenson associate, former curator Camp X espionage museum

“Impressive Canadian story that few know much about...British writers and historians have a lot to answer for."

St. Catherine's Standard (page one)

“Macdonald has uncovered the true story.”


“A fascinating read, one that has pushed aside the impenetrable curtain of the intelligence world.”

Hamilton Spectator

"A real seminal work...(a) journalistic coup... Canadian readers will turn the pages with a sense of awe in the discovery... Not just highly informative reading... It's also a good read... The reader will become seductively impressed with how all the facts begin fitting together."

Brantford Expositor

"Well researched...a budding expert in the art of espionage"

Svetlana Gouzenko

"A remarkable job of detective work...Startling revelations...A good book well worth reading."

Bout de Papier 'Canada's Magazine of Diplomacy and Foreign Service'

“In 1976, author William Stevenson published a hagiography of Sir William Stephenson, The Man Called Intrepid (still in print). The book stirred vehement public controversy because reviewers alleged Stevenson had, to put it mildly, embellished the truth...Those familiar with these circumstances might well ask what more is there to be said on the matter ? Bill Macdonald has answered, 'a very great deal indeed.'”

The Central Intelligence Agency Studies in Intelligence - Unclassified Articles Fall 2002

"Breathtaking discoveries...Fascinating...remarkably fresh, challenging and quite persuasive."
"For those new to the story of 'the quiet Canadian', Bill Macdonald's book will be a fascinating introduction and irresistible incentive to pursue the subject."

Thomas F. Troy,  former staff historian Central Intelligence Agency

" The true story is a good deal murkier than the public was led to believe...
Refreshingly revealing.

The Winnipeg Sun

"Takes on historians... Exposes fictitious early life...staffers, mostly unsung Canadian women...never spoken publicly before."

Canadian Press Wire

"A fair and accurate picture of a true Canadian hero"

Saskatoon Star Phoenix

" Surprising...well documented "

The Globe and Mail

" Passionately researched...spy buffs will enjoy this book "

Quill and Quire

"A Solid Reconstruction...Fascinating "

Winnipeg Free Press

"All of us who worked at BSC (British Security Coordination) must be very grateful to you for setting the record straight regarding 'Intrepid'; both the man and the organization!"

Patricia Sullivan, Victoria BC, former Stephenson personal cipher clerk

"I'm appreciative of what you've done. You've done a first class job of research. And I believe in you"​

Benjamin deforest (Pat) Bayly, William Stephenson's WWII Second in Command before the publication of the True Intrepid

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