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The Last Secrets - then and now

"Macdonald’s study is not only rigorously researched but also conveyed in cinematic terms—and as a result, even unconvinced readers will find themselves riveted."

Kirkus Reviews (full review click here)

To Bill Macdonald: The man whose book (research) made me understand "power"more than all other reading that I have done." 

US Civil Rights icon James Meredith

"Intrepid’s Last Secrets is an excellent biography of William Stephenson, an important participant in the real world of World War II cloak-and-dagger operations...
The biography doubles as a convincing argument for Stephenson’s introduction into the pantheon of great World War II heroes...Told in precise prose and built upon thorough scholarship.
Herein, Stephenson’s operation—once cast aside as being of minor importance—is shown to have played a critical role in the defeat of Hitler’s empire. Of particular relevance are details about how many inroads Italian Fascism and German National Socialism made in both the United Kingdom and the United States; intellectuals, business leaders, and military men are shown
to have been among those enamored with right wing totalitarianism, and Stephenson and his organization are credited with helping to dismantle such intellectual currents."

Foreword, Clarion Reviews

"An unsettling and eye-opening read; a dense, meticulously-documented work that backs up its findings.
...what a great thrill it was to see this manuscript.​
...what you have accomplished here is nothing short of remarkable"

Editor W

"A massive and impressive achievement. educating, disillusioning, heart-breaking, and utterly fascinating read.
...a monumental undertaking, admirably achieved."

Editor R

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