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Raymond & Ogilvy

More Characters...

Betty Raymond

"I remember one evening I was having dinner with him at Claridges. We had been away for the weekend (Shepperton Studios) and we came back and he said, 'I've got the War Lords coming tonight. They're going to be down here to "sweep" later on."

Chapter 15, 'The True Intrepid'

"...Betty Raymond disappeared and then returned with a fountain pen that she said could shoot either tear gas or flame. "If I shot the gun out to you, very close like this to your eyes - it would blind you... The pen saved Stephenson's life, Raymond said. 'Bill used it. He used it either in Spain or Portugal...he said he had got cornered." (A pen ? That's Kravchenko's pen.

Stephenson knew it could be handy one day.)

Chapter 15, 'The True Intrepid'

David Ogilvy

"I was devoted to WSS. A good leader. Laconic. Sense of humour. Ruthless. Loyal to his staff. Discreet...more popular in Washington and Ottawa than in London."

Chapter 17, 'The True Intrepid'

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