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Sir William Stephenson

More info about the Canadian WW II spymaster - William Stephenson, (AKA Intrepid), the book,

The True Intrepid and the now available book:

Intrepid's Last Secrets: Then and Now - History, Spies and Lies - that will forever change the way you view the world.

The True Intrepid discovers Stephenson's previous unknown formative life, the secret organization he created, BSC, and what the group actually achieved. Many of Stephenson's former agents speak for the first time.

The national best seller.

"A fascinating read, one that has pushed aside the impenetrable curtain of the intelligence world." 

Hamilton Spectator

"[An] impressive Canadian story few knew much about...British writers and historians have a lot to answer for."

St. Catherine's Standard.

(Page One)

"The truth has finally come out about William Stephenson. His reputation has suffered for a long time in silence."

The late Robert Stuart, Stephenson associate, former curator Camp X Espionage museum

The True Intrepid

Sir William Stephenson and the Unknown Agents


Intrepid's Last Secrets, page 243

From documentary 'The True Intrepid'
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"Everyone worked for him - don't you see? And even the people who didn't said that they did."


Joan Bright Astley,

Secretary to Winston Churchill's war cabinet

Intrepid's Last Secrets records activities of Stephenson's former agents and includes a history of a secret cabal Stephenson faced; which is likely still here - and still challenges us all today.

"An unsettling and eye-opening read; a dense, meticulously-documented work that backs up its findings.

...what a great thrill it was to see this manuscript.

...what you have accomplished here is nothing short of remarkable"

Editor W


"A massive and impressive achievement. educating, disillusioning, heart-breaking, and utterly fascinating read.

...a monumental undertaking, admirably achieved."

Editor R

Intrepid's Last Secrets

Then and Now - History Spies and Lies

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Where to get one
McNally Robinson
Amazon (CA) 

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