More information on 'The True Intrepid' - a book of secrets about Canada's greatest spymaster - William Stephenson - and the secret organization he created

The True Intrepid

Sir William Stephenson and the Unknown Agents

Coming soon... a new book...containing....Intrepid's Last Secret's...

Coming February 2015 on CBC

Downtown Winnipeg Street named after William Stephenson

Stephenson artifacts now on display at :

WSS Display

17 Wing Winnipeg Canada


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"The True Intrepid" & "Secret Secretaries"

Intrepid-Crusader Gatherings

"Our International Man Of Mystery" The National Post

From the Preface

From the Foreword:

"Breathtaking discoveries...Fascinating...remarkably fresh, challenging and quite persuasive."

Thomas F. Troy

former staff historian Central Intelligence Agency

Tom Troy speaking to the Intrepid Society in Winnipeg Canada

Tom Troy 1919-2008

The Intrepid Society


Canadian Press News Wire

A Partial Cast of Characters

John Krafchenko

'Bloody Jack'

Marion de Chastelain

" It's absolutely true.." Chapter 13

London Telegraph

Canadian Encyclopedia

Roald Dahl

"This man is a total enigma - and that's the interesting thing" Chapter 17

Roald Dahl Official Site

Wikipedia : Roald Dahl

Pat Bayly

"And that was kind of an important job,
where all these subs were." Chapter 19
The Rockex
Bayly Communications

Pat Bayly Square

Ian Fleming

"James Bond is a highly romanticized version of a true spy. The real thing is ...William Stephenson"

Ian Fleming, The Times of London October 21, 1962

Ian Fleming bio


David Ogilvy

David Ogilvy Bio

Winston S. Churchill

"This One is Dear to my Heart"

Joan Bright Astley


"Everyone worked for him - don't you see ?

And even the people who didn't said that they did.."

Chapter 16

Joan Bright Astley 1910 -2008

Camp X Historical Society

Robert Stuart Camp X Museum

Wikipedia - "William Stephenson"

The True Intrepid

Sir William Stephenson and the Unknown Agents


Bill Macdonald

With Foreword by former CIA staff historian Thomas F Troy

ISBN 1-55192-428-8


Available Online

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Chapters/Indigo-Canada wide (Look inside) Now a Kindle e-book is available

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The National Best Seller
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